Friday, September 20, 2013

Gula Melaka Cheesecake

A Piece Of Heaven

Sweet Passion
A delicious cheesecake with a local touch. A refine palm sugar flavoured baked creamy cheesecake taste amazing beautiful and lovely. When the cake was baking in the oven, the gula melaka aroma was very strong inside the house. To give the cake deep favour & better presentation, I caramelised the raw gula melaka, pandan leaves and cook with fresh coconut with gula melaka until caramelised & dissolved. I dress the cake with both fresh & caramelised coconut and drizzled with gula melaka sweet caramel sauce. A Taste of Heaven.

Polenta Chia Seed Orange Lemon Cake

Naturally Dream Cakes

Sweet Passion
This is a gluten free recipe with a nice slightly crunchy moist texture from the orange & lemon polenta cake that inspired me from my Australia trip recently. I put in extra effort to adapt this beautiful moist cake into a more healthy version with polenta, almond flour & black chia seeds. It's taste refreshing, soft and moist. Absolutely delicious!

Luffa Omelette (丝瓜芙蓉) Appetiser

A Little Sexy Appetiser

Sweet Passion
Luffa gourd have many names such as angled gourd, angled luffa, ridged gourd, or Chinese okra. My favourite is always stir fried ridge luffa with egg, a simple dish for many households during my childhood. For this recipe I choose brown and sautéed the cut luffa with separated fried egg white and egg yolk, dress with cut fruit and balsamic berries vinegar. A prefect appetiser.

Seafood Broccoli Laksa Flower Salad

A Delicious Seafood Salad

Sweet Passion
This laksa salad is a really authentic version especially with pink ginger flowers. Aromatic floral fragrance and exotic taste, making this seafood salad beautiful and irresistible. Simple ingredients includes: seafood prawns, cuttlefish, green onion, pink ginger flowers, Australia's giant sweet stem broccoli, white vinaigrette, chilli & green lime.

Chicken Pine Nut Chinese Spinach

Chicken Breast Healthy Lunch

Sweet Passion
The best way to cook delicious fresh chinese spinach is with olive oil and garlic. For healthy reason i choose sautéed the chicken breast, pine nuts, blueberries, tomotoes to go with my chinese spinach. This simple dish is great for fabulous lunch.

Snapper Fillet & Sweet Potatoes

Delicious & Beautiful Lunch

Sweet Passion
This recipe is a simple snapper fillet fish cook with lemon garlic balsamic vinaigrette with the nutritional contents. I picks two type of colourful potatoes (Vietnamese purple-less sweet & Australia yellow-sweet potatoes) given this dish a special touch of colourful & tasteful lifting. 

Almond Royal Icing Bear Cookies

Cutie Bear Almond Cookies

Sweet Passion
I love almond cookies. These almond cookies are made with peanut butter and almond meal. Make awesome & cute cookies presentation with amazing royal icing. Its beautiful & simply delectable as well. 

Almond Royal Icing Rabbit Cookies

Cute Almond Cookies

Sweet Passion
I love almond cookies. These almond cookies are made with peanut butter and almond meal. Make awesome & cute cookies presentation with amazing royal icing. Its beautiful & simply delectable as well. 

Polenta Saffron Jackfruit Cake

Fragrance Polenta Cake

Sweet Passion
This is a gluten free recipe with a nice slightly crunchy moist texture from the orange & lemon polenta cake that  inspired me from my Australia trip recently. I put in extra effort to adapt this beautiful moist cake into a more local delight version with polenta, saffron & jackfruit. It's taste refreshing with strong jackfruit aroma & fragrance, soft and moist texture. Absolutely delicious!

Osmanthus Chawanmushi 茶碗蒸し

Silky Chawanmushi

Sweet Passion
Sweet Osmanthus (gui hua 桂花) goes well with chawanmushi egg custard. The sweetest aroma and soft texture making this Japanese hot appetiser light, smooth & delicious. Treasure hunt dig into the tender egg custard you will find mushrooms, gingko nuts, and carrots. Make sure the amount of dashi not overpowered osmanthus favour. Perfect steamed egg.

Vinaigrette Garlic Scallops Salad

Delicious Salad

Sweet Passion
Pan-seared scallops served with sautéed crisp garlic together with pomegranate vinaigrette. Plenty of fruit & veg like jackfruit, blueberries, mini tomatoes & cucumber. This is my new favourite salad, light, tasty and has a beautiful mixture of flavours.

Cod Fish Sauteed

Pumpkin Cod Fish

Sweet Passion
Whether you like your cod baked, fried, steamed or grilled. Cod fish is my very favourite fish! I think sautéed cod fish with some sea salt and olive oil until golden brown will work nicely with my recipe. Serve fish with healthy freshly mashed Japanese pumpkin & sour cream and some sautéed pine nuts. Fresh delicious cod fish that will literally melt in your mouth when it is prepared correctly. Prefect lovely meal.

Turkey Ham Cheese Bruschetta

Beautiful Bruschetta

Sweet Passion
Quick & easy lunch recipe with 2 thin slices of toasted bread, swiss cheese, tomatoes, green vegetable, olive oil, turkey ham and black pepper. Perfectly healthy with approx. 290 calories for a delicious lunch.

Tomato Cheese Tortellini

Ultimate Tortellini

Sweet Passion
This navel shaped pasta are typically stuffed with a mix of cheese and tomatoes. Very simple meal and cook according to the fresh pasta package directions. I am using the fresh tomatoes & sundried tomatoes, garlic & coriander leaf to make the puree and cook with lot of caramel onion to perfection. Simple recipe and satisfying cheese tortellini.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Durian Cake (Mao Shan Wang)

Ultimate Mao Shan Wang Cake

Sweet Passion
This premium Mao Shan Wang (king of the fruit) durian cake is very dense, moist, smooth and aromatic dessert for all durian lovers. The softness of Japanese sponge with lovely Mao Shan Wang durian fresh cream making this a signature cake from my recipe book and many durian lovers including myself cant forget this lovely dessert. In order to decor the cake, I sprinkle some matcha powder and some dried winter melon slices on top of cake to create a different taste texture for the top layer. It's a beautiful and delicious cake.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Chempedak Crème Brûlée

Fragrant Trinity cream dessert

Sweet Passion
This beautiful favorite Crème Brûlée is so easy to make with few simple ingredients: egg yolks, brown sugar, cream milk and fresh chempedak (jackfruit) as the main keys ingredients! These chempedak fruit are deliciously decadent. Bake with hot water bath until the custards are just about to set or tremble slightly in center when shaken. Chilled the custards well in the fridge and sprinkle some sugar on top, flame with mini blowtorch until the sugar bubbles, turn amber and forms a smooth caramelize surface or you can caramelize them under the grill. Tastefully done and amazingly delicious.

Double Oreo Cheese

Black&White Oreo Cheese

Sweet Passion
This deliciously fab combination consisting two type of oreo cookies. For the crust I am using the black oreo, follow by the plain cheese and the top layer are oreo cookies cheese mixture. The crust gives it a great crunch & bite and there are oreo cookies scattered throughout the cheesecake. It’s light, moist, unsweetened and creamy cheesecake. Absolutely LOVE at first bite!

Monday, March 11, 2013

French Sablé Biscuits

Green tea & Chocolate Almond Sablé

Sweet Passion
Sablé cookies are a classic French cookie originating in Normandy. Sablé is French for "sand," which refer to the sandy texture of these delicate shortbread-like cookies. It's good to serve with tea or coffee for high tea. I am making two recipes today. Green tea and chocolate almond. The Green tea sandy texture come with bitterness of the matcha which I like very much, while the dark chocolate almond recipe is pretty bitter too. This homemade Sablé biscuit really beautiful and delicious.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chempedak Cheesecake

Jackfruit Local delight

Sweet Passion
Another highlight of aroma native fruit recipe to South East Asia. The richer fragrant of Chempedak fruit go well with the cheese. The flavor & texture of the cake very dense, light & smooth with fresh chempedak pulp filling. I absolutely love this recipe and it's receiving overwhelming responses from friends and family. Extremely gorgeous & delicious!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Montad Chuame

Thai Candied Cassava

Sweet Passion
This is a most authentic Thai dessert that so simple to do yet so delicious. Basically only few ingredients needed for this simple recipes. A good montad chuame should have cassava that gives a good sticky, chewy bite, tastes sweet all through, and the coconut milk should be fresh, thick and fragrant. I did a slight twist of the recipes in order to suit my taste bud better. Instead of castor sugar I decided to use rock sugar, vanilla beans to bring out the full fragrant and some sea salt to balance the sweetness with saltiness. Tastefully done and amazingly delicious.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Matcha Charcoal Cheesecake

Edible Charcoal Cheesecake

Sweet Passion
Japanese Bamboo charcoal go pretty well with matcha. Not only tasteful but the color combination is too beautiful(no artificial)! The base crust layer is a shortbread instead of graham cracker crust, follow by lower layer of black charcoal cheese and upper layer of matcha. It's taste perfectly sweet with a hint of green tea bitterness and charcoal aftertaste. Something that taste excellent and distinguish flavors from other cheesecake.

Whiskey Kahlua GreenteaMisu


Sweet Passion
Why Whiskey, Kahlua and green tea? Simply I love tiramisu! Easy to prepare with Whiskey, Kahlua and ladyfinger as sponge. A classic Italian dessert with a very light smooth texture of combination of egg white, Kahlua and a few drop of Whiskey that not overpowering the dessert that sounds heavenly prefect for Tiramisu lovers!

Heavenly Lemon Curd

A Silky Smooth Curd

Sweet Passion
A perfect Lemon curd is sweet, sour and silky smooth with beautiful color. I like my lemon curd to be tangy, super sour with extra lemons and taste heavenly. It's also can be a spread for other baked items. This lemon curd is very delicious, sharp & rich, sweet and sour especially chilled it overnight. A heavenly dessert to be share among friends.

Baked Durian Cheesecake

Aroma Therapy Durian Cheesecake

Sweet Passion
It's durian season again. I bought fresh premium quality tropical durian from the durian stall near by my house for this creamy delicate durian cheesecake. I am using the Japanese formula for the sponge and fillings. Truly exotic with the creamy taste, fragrant and texture. Obviously you need to be a fan of the tropical King of Fruits in order to appreciate the premium durian cheesecake. Absolutely for durian lovers only!