Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Chocolate Cake

Heavenly Bailey Irish Cream Chocolate

Sweet Passion
This Holiday Seasons I am making delightful flavor chocolate yule log with Germany bitter sweet 75% chocolate with a special touch of Baileys Irish Cream + Liquor to enhance the flavor of the Christmas Yule Log. The awesome triple-layer soft chocolate sponge cake is very moist, smooth and definitely beat the rest of chocolate cake in town. Topped with almond tulies and silver-leaf as Christmas decorations. Again very additive especially after a heavy Christmas meal! A unique & fabulous Baileys Irish Cream chocolate cake!

Christmas Chocolate Yule Log

Heavenly Chocolate Yule Log

Sweet Passion
This Holiday Seasons I am making delightful flavor chocolate yule log with Germany bitter sweet 75% chocolate with a special touch of Baileys Irish Cream + Liquor to enhance the flavor of the Christmas Yule Log. The awesome triple-layer soft chocolate sponge cake is very moist, smooth and definitely beat the rest of chocolate cake in town. Topped with almond tulies and gold-leaf as Christmas decorations. Again very additive especially after a heavy Christmas meal! A unique & fabulous Baileys Irish Cream chocolate cake!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Durian Yule Log Cake

Mao Shan Wang Yule Log Cake

Sweet Passion
There are now many types of Durian out there in the market such as Hong Xia(Red Prawn), D24, XO, Kampung Durian and so on! My all time favorite got to be the most delicious and famous amongst durian lovers is Mao Shan Wang. After tried baking durian gâteau with D24, this time I am featured on Moa Shan Wang which I think personally very much more delicious, sweet, creamy, nicer color and had a bitterness aftertaste that suitable for a pure durian cake. This durian yule log cake will be the best dessert to compliment holiday gatherings for durian lovers. So beautiful and melt-in-your-mouth durian swiss roll!

Durian Cake (Filo Mao Shan Wang)

Premium Filo Mao Shan Wang

Sweet Passion
There are now many types of Durian out there in the market such as Hong Xia(Red Prawn), D24, XO, Kampung Durian and so on! My all time favorite got to be the most delicious and famous amongst durian lovers is Mao Shan Wang. After tried baking durian gâteau with D24, this time I am featured on Moa Shan Wang which I think personally very much more delicious, sweet, creamy, nicer color and had a bitterness aftertaste that suitable for a pure durian cake. My family member love this cake so much and I will definitely bake more during the durian season soon.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Chocolate Rum Meringue Tart

Too sexy chocolate rum tart

Sweet Passion
Very beautiful chocolate rum tart tastes heavenly creamy delicious and almost like "Rocye" chocolate that melt-in-mouth! I am using a range of high quality semi sweet chocolates imported from Germany with meringue and sea salt to enhanced this delicious dessert. Chocolate lovers who craving for good chocolate tart will be impressed with the peanut graham moist chocolate crust too! Absolutely sinfully delicious chocolate tart!

Taro Yam Gâteau

The yam gâteau affairs

Sweet Passion
Taro Gâteau Mont Blanc. Sweet adorable gâteau and very romantic colors with plenty of yam filling, moist sponge & Japanese chestnut topping. This is such an impressive sweet gâteau and would be a wonderful centrepiece for a special celebratory. A little bit of heaven on a plate! Heavenly delicious!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Fig Fruit Tart

My favorite fig treats

Sweet Passion
After seeing so many lovely figs from Turkey at local supermarkets. So naturally, I look up some recipes from my recipes book, drew some inspiration, and then made a fig recipe up. With a sweet tart digestive crust and some lovely fresh figs. I managed with a simple delicious silky egg fig tart and with a cooked fig compote and fresh figs as topping. Beautiful and very appealing delicious!

Pumpkin Spice Pie

Fresh pumpkin pie

Sweet Passion
Homemade traditional pumpkin pie spice made with cinnamon, ginger, cloves, allspice, nutmeg and pastry shortcrust are so delicious and classic. A fresh & creamy filling of pumpkin puree for traditional pumpkin pie that all the family will love. Simple and elegant!

Taro Gâteau Mont Blanc

Sweet adorable gâteau

Sweet Passion
I have a sweet tooth and this dessert is one of my favorites! Instead of chestnut petits gâteau mont blanc, I decided to try on the sweet yam cream with yam purée with a meringue and Japanese chestnut. The gâteau taste so appetizing, silky & creamy. A great mouth-watering classic recipe of the signature Yam Mont Blanc.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Green Tea Meringue Cake

Homemade bitter sweet matcha cake

Sweet Passion
If you like green tea matcha cake, you will love this homemade delicious matcha tender cake. It's taste slightly moist and not excessively sweet with a light hue pleasant fragrance of green tea and little bitter sweet just perfect for the taste. The green tea sponge base is very moist and egg white meringue make this matcha cake more tender! Lovely!

Yoghurt Raisin Scones

Fluffy sugarless yoghurt scones

Sweet Passion
This lovely & healthy sugarless scones rise up high and fluffy due to the moist  fruit yoghurt in the recipe. The sultanas given a sweet flavour and aroma to the fluffy scones and it's taste so moist and delicious.

Strawberries Pastry Tart

Lovely strawberries tart

Sweet Passion
This simple pastry strawberry tart is a combination of a tart pastry base, egg custard and a generous toppings of strawberries. The strawberry tart pastry is slightly different from the usual tart base due to fresh smooth and soft egg custard. Taste lovely!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Ultra Moist Pumpkin Cake

Melt-in-your-mouth pumpkin

Sweet Passion
This super light & moist pumpkin cake consists of 7 layers of green tea sponges & pumpkin paste and a healthier cream topping. Very moist and delicious and almost melt-in-your-mouth. After one taste of this heavenly dessert, I fall in love with this pumpkin cake recipe!

Sour Cream Mango Pudding

Amazing mango pudding

Sweet Passion
This delicious mango pudding consists of fresh mango, sour cream, cranberries, desiccated coconut and some Rum to go with it. Easy to prepare yet tastes wonderful and extremely bursting with sour cream and mango flavour.

Uluru Red Pavlova

Outstanding meringue dessert

Sweet Passion
There is a long standing debate about whether New Zealand or Australia invented this dessert! This Sweet Strawberries Pavlova is a meringue cake with a light, delicate, crisp crust and a soft sweet marshmallow center. I choose to go with berries yogurt for this berries flavour. An Australia version of Pavlova! Taste so yummy! See for yourself the core of the pavlova full of yummy yogurt. So delicious!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Green Tea Lychee Cheese

Super light matcha lime cheese

Sweet Passion
This unique matcha/green tea cake is refreshing, moist, dense and not sweet at all. The taste of green tea sponge with the fresh lychee and lime combination is very lovely light. I choose light cream cheese & whipping cream to blended with the fresh lychee and lime juice as the stabilized whipped cream frosting, garnished with fresh lime and fresh lychee. It's a light and refreshing cake, great for summer brunch! 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Taro Yam Cake / OrhNee 芋泥

Super light & creamier taro

Sweet Passion
This super light & delicious taro cake become so popular among of my friends. After mastered the creamier and richer taro Orh Nee texture. I love to try the Orh Nee cake for the first time. Soft texture sponge cake made of Japanese flour, together with the taro paste, cream, pumpkin and ginko nuts. Making this taro cake so moist and melt-in-mouth delicious. Everyone are asking for more. What a delicious pleasing dessert !

Taro Yam / OrhNee 芋泥

Sweet silky creamier taro

Sweet Passion
My first time trying the lovely Orh Nee (芋泥) Teochew style dessert. Basically the original OrhNee/芋泥 recipes are made of taro, pork lard, fried shallots, ginko nuts and coconut milk. I revamped the recipe from original version to modern, instead of pork lard I use olive oil and cutting down the coconut milk and replaced it with whipping cream. Tastes sweet, creamier, silky smooth melt in mouth texture and richer. Garnish the OrhNee with fresh sweet pumpkin paste and flower. DELICIOUS!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Charcoal Basil Seed Cheesecake

Black & white lovely combination

Sweet Passion
I am always like charcoal and cheese combination. This time I use sweet basil seeds(biji selasih) in this cheesecake recipe. This spectacular, sweet and delicious black charcoal cheese cake become my favorite recipe. It's look rather heavy on appearance due to it colour but taste extremely light and delicious on both black and white cheese layers. The bottom layer is a chocolate charcoal sponge. The basil seeds are delicious and become soft and consistency translucent jell inside the cheese. Impressive and lovely!

Chocolate Goat Brownies

Heaven for goat family

Sweet Passion
It is a unique twist on a classic bittersweet chocolate brownie feature with main ingredient is goat shinning butter and macadamia nuts. It is slightly intriguingly moist texture and taste fudgy savory. For those who love goat cheese, it's a wonderful recipe to spice up your desires for goat bittersweet chocolate brownie. Yum yum!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Chocolate Baileys & Silver Berries

Chocolate in love

Sweet Passion
A moist, soft and lovely birthday cake make perfect with good quality Germany bittersweet chocolate and Baileys Irish Cream liqueur well absorbed into the sponge. Make this cake very fragrant and delicious. Berries topping given a sour taste to the chocolate cake and decorating with the edible silver leaf for gorgeous and delicate finishing. Beautiful!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Vanilla Cheesecake

Simply classic cheesecake

Sweet Passion
Lovely hint of vanilla and delicious cheesecake everyone love! Vanilla sugar and vanilla pod are the key ingredients for this simplicity cheesecake. The biscuits crust has a fantastic crumbly richness of vanilla flavor. Easy to bake and good to taste!  Absolutely Vanilla!

Almond Blueberry Cheesecake

Almond delight cheesecake

Sweet Passion
This is an unique cheesecake mainly for almond and blueberry lover! Almond powder for the bake crust and almond milk for the filling. Fresh blueberries go well with the almond cheese filling and bake to perfection. An ultimate taste of almond and those juicy berries at the bottom. Lovely!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Chocolate Banana Walnut

Ultra-rich chocolate walnut banana

Sweet Passion
This super rich & moist nutrition chocolate banana cake become a heaven for  many banana and chocolate lovers among my friends. So crazy dense and almost melted in the mouth with extra strong of banana flavor. Many of my friends keep asking me to bake more simply they are so crazy about this gorgeous dense cake. It's truly a wonderful taste with powerful flavor of banana in this ultra-rich chocolate creation. Yum yum..

Cherry Chocolate Banana

Black and white banana cake

Sweet Passion
This super moist and beautiful combination banana cake are my latest creation based on the original banana chocolate recipe. I did lot of changes to the recipe and picked up the best ingredients for this wonderful delicious cake. Beside the good quality chocolate, I did pick the right type of banana and great moist cherries from Turkey Spice Bazaar to make this tasty cake. Very impressed with the result. All my family members & friends love it.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Avocado Mousse Gateau

Soft tender cake

Sweet Passion
This beautiful and delicious avocado sponge mousse cake is really my favourite dessert. Very light, creamy and less sweet. The soft sponge texture compliment the avocado mousse so well and the after taste effect are so smooth. I love this recipe and happy to see my friends love this creation as well:)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

D24 Charcoal Roulade

D24 black beauty

Sweet Passion
This is the King of the fruit roulade. DURIAN with cream is a unique flavour especially for durian lover like me. I am using the D24 durian and Japanese charcoal powder as my main ingredients here. Going well with black & soft charcoal sponge. Very tasteful & powerful. I love it:)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Durian D24 Ice Cream

Extraordinary for durian lover creamery

Sweet Passion
I've been very crazy and busy making ice cream recently. The reason is either the weather is too hot or the durian season is on! Durian is acknowledged as the “king of fruits” in Asia, and for good reason – apart from its imposing thorns appearance, it is delicious and suitable for making dessert that rich and creamy such as ice cream. I choose D24 durian for this creamy ice cream. Looking forward to try more durian recipes!

Vanilla Rum Raisin Ice Cream

A taste from heaven creamery

Sweet Passion
My all times favourite ice cream got to be Vanilla Rum Raisin. This is a refine homemade ice cream with the best ingredients such as sweet vanilla pod from Iran, Jamaica rum, best whipping cream, milk and raisin. A little taste of heaven for the creamy boost of the day.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Japanese matcha-green creamery

Sweet Passion
This distinctive bitter, less creamy and healthy version of greentea ice cream mainly make for my sister who love something less sweet and bitter! The matcha decaffeinated powder is made with high quality green tea and taste close to 70% bitterness. It's nice to eat with something sweet like red beans or chocolate for me:) Lovely bitterness taste!

Chempedak Ice Cream

Fragrance creamery

Sweet Passion
This chempedak ice cream fragrance smell is driving me crazy and sweet. The fresh chempedak fruit is use as the main ingredient here. Taste so creamy, refreshing and distinctive flavor ice cream. The best thing of it, the seeds of chempedak can be used to compromise the taste of the ice cream as well. Brilliant! 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ultra-Rich Royce Chocolate Cake

Royce moist chocolate cake

Sweet Passion
It's a simple sexy chocolate cake that very moist if you bake it two days in advance and keep it covered on the counter. The flavor of 75% bitter chocolate that ultra moist, rich and simply melted inside your mouth. Truly the "Royce" encounter! I love it especially warm it up and eat it with homemade vanilla ice cream and some nuts:)

Thai Mango Sticky Coconut Rice

Mango green sticky rice

Sweet Passion
My favourite Thai Mango Coconut Sticky Rice Dessert (Khao Niaow Ma Muang). A very sweet treat you'll absolutely love. What make this dessert so special is the green glutinous rice that originally brought from Bangkok taste so different and deliciously refreshing. Can imagine the coconut milk make wonder for this asian delicious dessert.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Orange Brownie Cheese Cake

Refreshing sunny flavor

Sweet Passion
This is a divine New York Cheese Cake come with a kick of orange citrus and flavour! Brighten your day and taste very refreshing for the cheese. As for the base, my inspiration is to have a moist chocolate brownie complement to the orange cheese. Given this cheese cake a chocolate meltingly delicious and interesting citrus delectable flavor. Drizzle orange peel and orange liqueur over top of cheesecake. So delicious!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Japanese Mini fruit Jelly

Refreshing miniature jelly

Sweet Passion
This Japanese Mini Fruit Jelly with passion fruit citrus and Meiji milk tastes very silky, smooth and explosive gummy flavor. Passion fruit, mango, orange, aloe vera and rock sugar are the main ingredients to make this dessert so beautiful shine, addictive and refreshing delicious.

Monday, April 4, 2011

White Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake

Sweet cranberries white chocolate cheese

Sweet Passion
Cranberries white truffle cheese cake. Sound very tempting & delicious. This recipe very light and creamy at the same time both cheese cake and chocolate truffles have fragrance accompanied one another. Superb!

Vanilla Crepes

Crepes with vanilla ice cream

Sweet Passion
This Crepes is so simple and easy to prepare yet delicious dessert. Will be nice to topped with maple syrup, whipped cream or vanilla  ice cream. Yummylicious!

Japanese Pumpkin Roulade

Yellow pumpkin blueberries swiss roll

Sweet Passion
This gorgeous mini roulade consists of  sugar-coloring-free Japanese yellow pumpkin and blueberries. It's a clever combination of ingredients & color and go well with the charcoal sponge! Amazing beautiful and yummy.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Baked Pastry Mango Cheese Cake

Sugar-free cheese cake

Creative Passion
Is a tropical mango fruit season. Trying on this unique sugarless baked cheese cake recipe. The main ingredients includes are cream cheese, butter, egg, salt for the pastry crust and the filling are mainly cream cheese, condensed milk, fresh mango, vanilla pod and topped with the fresh cut mango and maple syrup. This wonderful condensed milk cheese cake recipe does give cheese cake a wonderful texture, creamy and tasty. Ideally for healthy cake lover:)

Ingredients: 6-8 persons
24 cm tart pan

For the crust:
150 g Plain flour
75   g French butter
1 egg, well beaten
Salt to taste

For the filling:

500 g Cream cheese
300 g Sweetened condensed milk
50   g Maple syrup
20   g Corn flour
1 tsp Vanilla extract from vanilla pod
230 g Fresh mango pulp
For the topping:
500 g Fresh cut slices of mango

Method for crust:
1) Place all ingredients(except egg) in the mixer and continue with low speed until all mixture look like breadcrumbs.
2) Slowly add in the beaten egg, mix well and knead lightly to form a ball dough and then cover with a clingfilm and stored inside fridge while you preparing the filling.
3) Preheat the oven to 160C. 30 mins later bring the dough out from fridge and roll it into 3mm thin roll layer and dust the springform tin with little flour and line the baking tin. Bring to bake for 15mins. Removed from the oven and let it cool down.

Method for filling:
1) Mix all ingredients in the mixer until thoroughly mixed together. The texture supposed to be smooth and consistency silky.
2) Pour the filling into the pre-bake pastry crust and bake for 50mins.
3) Bake until lightly brown and give it a lightly shake. The cake should be no movement especially in the centre of the cake.
4) Off the oven and door ajar.
5) Remove from the oven and chil for at least 6 hours before serving(overnight).
6) Topped with fresh slices of mango and serve!

Easy / moderate / Difficult
Time: 30 minutes preparation / 60 minutes baking

Peach Crumble Pie

Juicy peace crumble

Sweet Passion
Beside mango, peach is very suitable for this beautiful fruit crumble pie. Both equally nice but I personally prefer to eat with cinnamon whipped cream or ice cream. A beautiful flavor melted in your mouth!

Vanilla Ring Cookie

Snowwhite vanilla flavor

Sweet Passion
Thanks for my French Master recipe. Wonderful vanilla ring cookies with icing sugar sprinkles for a lip smacking aroma! Super fragrance flavor and just can't stop eating! Fantastic & gorgeous!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Almond Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Light almond & pumpkin dessert

Sweet Passion
This version of cheese cake is light, less sugar intake and without graham cracker crust. Main ingredients is honey pumpkin, almond flour, lime and just a small amount of cinnamon to give it a wonderful spice taste. Topped with light whipped cream and taste irresistible.

Chocolate Cornflake Rocher

Finger licking good

Sweet Passion
Once You Start You Can't Stop! Until you falling sick next day for being over eat! That's my friend statement:) Gorgeous delicious rocher!

Mini Fruit Filo Basket

Crispy mini juicy basket

Sweet Passion
This beautiful dessert is so easy and fast to make for guests at party and the best of it it's look so colourful! Pre-baked the filo crust and fill with the fruit you love and topping with some passion fruit juice. Fruity and yummy!

Japanese Kidney Bean Jelly

Yellow mini kidney beans dessert

Sweet Passion
I personally love Japanese jelly desserts because they’re so refreshing and tasty. This recipe come with kidney beans have a unique taste of dense bean like melted in your mouth, you just want to pop them into your mouth all the time :)