Monday, April 4, 2011

White Chocolate Truffle Cheese Cake

Sweet cranberries white chocolate cheese

Sweet Passion
Cranberries white truffle cheese cake. Sound very tempting & delicious. This recipe very light and creamy at the same time both cheese cake and chocolate truffles have fragrance accompanied one another. Superb!

Vanilla Crepes

Crepes with vanilla ice cream

Sweet Passion
This Crepes is so simple and easy to prepare yet delicious dessert. Will be nice to topped with maple syrup, whipped cream or vanilla  ice cream. Yummylicious!

Japanese Pumpkin Roulade

Yellow pumpkin blueberries swiss roll

Sweet Passion
This gorgeous mini roulade consists of  sugar-coloring-free Japanese yellow pumpkin and blueberries. It's a clever combination of ingredients & color and go well with the charcoal sponge! Amazing beautiful and yummy.