Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Chempedak Cheesecake

Jackfruit Local delight

Sweet Passion
Another highlight of aroma native fruit recipe to South East Asia. The richer fragrant of Chempedak fruit go well with the cheese. The flavor & texture of the cake very dense, light & smooth with fresh chempedak pulp filling. I absolutely love this recipe and it's receiving overwhelming responses from friends and family. Extremely gorgeous & delicious!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Montad Chuame

Thai Candied Cassava

Sweet Passion
This is a most authentic Thai dessert that so simple to do yet so delicious. Basically only few ingredients needed for this simple recipes. A good montad chuame should have cassava that gives a good sticky, chewy bite, tastes sweet all through, and the coconut milk should be fresh, thick and fragrant. I did a slight twist of the recipes in order to suit my taste bud better. Instead of castor sugar I decided to use rock sugar, vanilla beans to bring out the full fragrant and some sea salt to balance the sweetness with saltiness. Tastefully done and amazingly delicious.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Matcha Charcoal Cheesecake

Edible Charcoal Cheesecake

Sweet Passion
Japanese Bamboo charcoal go pretty well with matcha. Not only tasteful but the color combination is too beautiful(no artificial)! The base crust layer is a shortbread instead of graham cracker crust, follow by lower layer of black charcoal cheese and upper layer of matcha. It's taste perfectly sweet with a hint of green tea bitterness and charcoal aftertaste. Something that taste excellent and distinguish flavors from other cheesecake.

Whiskey Kahlua GreenteaMisu


Sweet Passion
Why Whiskey, Kahlua and green tea? Simply I love tiramisu! Easy to prepare with Whiskey, Kahlua and ladyfinger as sponge. A classic Italian dessert with a very light smooth texture of combination of egg white, Kahlua and a few drop of Whiskey that not overpowering the dessert that sounds heavenly prefect for Tiramisu lovers!

Heavenly Lemon Curd

A Silky Smooth Curd

Sweet Passion
A perfect Lemon curd is sweet, sour and silky smooth with beautiful color. I like my lemon curd to be tangy, super sour with extra lemons and taste heavenly. It's also can be a spread for other baked items. This lemon curd is very delicious, sharp & rich, sweet and sour especially chilled it overnight. A heavenly dessert to be share among friends.

Baked Durian Cheesecake

Aroma Therapy Durian Cheesecake

Sweet Passion
It's durian season again. I bought fresh premium quality tropical durian from the durian stall near by my house for this creamy delicate durian cheesecake. I am using the Japanese formula for the sponge and fillings. Truly exotic with the creamy taste, fragrant and texture. Obviously you need to be a fan of the tropical King of Fruits in order to appreciate the premium durian cheesecake. Absolutely for durian lovers only!