Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Pistachio Rocky Meringue

Le chocolatier rocky road bite

Sweet Passion
Very lovely recipe, sweet & colorful, a bit crunchy and really delicious. A perfect Pistachio Meringue Rocky Road bars more rich and nutty. Can't stop helping myself to it and fingers licking good too! Truly for chocolate lover.

Black-Yellow-Purple Roulade

Sweet pumpkin potato swiss roll

Sweet Passion
This gorgeous mini roulade consists of  sugar-colouring-free yellow pumpkin and purple sweet potato. It's a clever combination of ingredients & colour and go well with the charcoal sponge! Amazing beautiful and yummy.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Belgian Chocolatier Tart

Luxurious chocolatier dessert

Creative Passion
This wonderful chocolate tart is rich, dense and a perfect for semi sweet chocolate lover like me. The english digestive biscuit for it crust with french butter melted in the right temperature. The 55% sweet chocolate melted with smooth consistency and silky. This recipe is fantastic and amazingly tasty. Will try more fantastic dark chocolate with the finest flavour and ingredients for unique taste as well.

Ingredients: 6-8 persons
24 cm tart pan

For the crust:
200 g English digestive biscuit
90   g French butter

For the filling:
300 g 55% semi-sweet dark Belgian chocolate
250 g Cream
8     g Sea salt
100 g Dried cranberries
50   g German cocoa powder for dusting

Method for crust:
1) Mix crushed biscuit & melted butter together.
2) Press the crumb mixture into the bottom and up side of the pan to form an even and strong crust using your fingertips.
3) Transfer to bake for 10 minutes until the crust is set and ligthly golden in colour and set aside to cool down.

Method for filling:
1) Bring cream to a boil until bubble and rise stages in a sauce pan.
2) Double boil method to melt the chocolate over gently medium-low heat simmering water. Stirring constantly to make sure the chocolate is smooth and consistency silky.
3) Combined the chocolate and boil cream, stirring until well combined and smooth.
4) Stir in dried cranberries & sea salt.
5) Pour the filling into the prepared crust and set aside to cool down. Refridgerate the tart at least 4 to 6 hours.
6) Remove from tart pan and dust with cocoa powder and serve with the fruit sliced or ice cream.

Easy / moderate / Difficult
Time: 15 minutes preparation / 12 minutes cooking