Thursday, January 6, 2011

Chocolate Banana Caramel Gold Leaf Yule Log

Nutty & crunchy dark chocolate

Sweet Passion
The beautiful thing of this little tinny yule log is the caramel banana that wrapped inside the chocolate roll does compliments the flavour of the semi sweet dark chocolate topping. Added on the crunchy almond nuts coated with bitter dark chocolate, resulting the whole log cake slightly crunchy, nutty, sweet, bitter, caramel and terribly addicting. Final touches with beautiful gold leaf! Absolutely stunning and beautiful!

Pinky Red Wine Yule Log

Red wine berries yule log

Sweet Passion
This Christmas yule log is unique with simple ingredients: sweet red wine, black berries, raspberries berries, red current berries and white chocolate. Plenty of berries hidden inside the sponge and coated with semi-sweet white chocolate and low fat whipped cream. Decorated with beautiful fresh berries and tinny pinky red orchid. So irresistible beautiful Christmas cake and tasty. All my family members asking for more:)