Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pomegranate Ruby Misu

Absolute red ruby tiramisu

Sweet Passion
This fantastic recipe that really tempting your taste buds! A great alternative for tiramisu lover. A light pomegranate tiramisu mixture that basically full of refreshing pomegranate juice that well blended with mascarpone, Kahlúa and Bailey's ! Amazing beautiful creation!

Müesli Wolfberry Brownie

An east meet west brownie 

Sweet Passion
This is a very high in dietary fiber unique chewy muesli brownie with ingredients like chinese wolfberries(Goji), toasted whole oats, nuts, barley and typically wheat flakes. This recipe delivered wholesome, tasty, moist and nutritious brownie. It's a less sugar version and great delicious healthy choice.

Mango Jelly Mascarpone

A refreshing jelly dessert 

Sweet Passion
For a dead-easy to prepare dessert, mixture of mascarpone, icing sugar and vanilla and of course a nice well home-made chilled jelly. A very refreshing crowd pleaser for afternoon tea. Impressive recipe.

Orange Shrimp Salad

A great seafood salad 

Sweet Passion
Delicious low fat shrimp salad that you can easily prepare at home. Shrimp, french bean and fresh orange are the key recipes here. Pan fried the shrimp with little olive oil follow by the french bean. Tossing with the slice oranges and drizzing some salad dressing or can easily blend in some orange salad dressing on top. This low fat seafood salad is simple and tastes great.