Sunday, May 15, 2011

Durian D24 Ice Cream

Extraordinary for durian lover creamery

Sweet Passion
I've been very crazy and busy making ice cream recently. The reason is either the weather is too hot or the durian season is on! Durian is acknowledged as the “king of fruits” in Asia, and for good reason – apart from its imposing thorns appearance, it is delicious and suitable for making dessert that rich and creamy such as ice cream. I choose D24 durian for this creamy ice cream. Looking forward to try more durian recipes!

Vanilla Rum Raisin Ice Cream

A taste from heaven creamery

Sweet Passion
My all times favourite ice cream got to be Vanilla Rum Raisin. This is a refine homemade ice cream with the best ingredients such as sweet vanilla pod from Iran, Jamaica rum, best whipping cream, milk and raisin. A little taste of heaven for the creamy boost of the day.

Green Tea Ice Cream

Japanese matcha-green creamery

Sweet Passion
This distinctive bitter, less creamy and healthy version of greentea ice cream mainly make for my sister who love something less sweet and bitter! The matcha decaffeinated powder is made with high quality green tea and taste close to 70% bitterness. It's nice to eat with something sweet like red beans or chocolate for me:) Lovely bitterness taste!

Chempedak Ice Cream

Fragrance creamery

Sweet Passion
This chempedak ice cream fragrance smell is driving me crazy and sweet. The fresh chempedak fruit is use as the main ingredient here. Taste so creamy, refreshing and distinctive flavor ice cream. The best thing of it, the seeds of chempedak can be used to compromise the taste of the ice cream as well. Brilliant!