Friday, September 24, 2010

Non Bake Vanilla Lemon Soufflé

A smooth cold soufflés

Sweet Passion
If you are into cold dessert. This vanilla cold Soufflé could be your ideal freezer-friendly soufflés! You can eat it anytime you like. Convenient and chilling too. Beautiful and delicious!

Mascarpone Mango Cheese Cake

A mascarpone cheese heaven

Sweet Passion
This Mascarpone Mango cheese come with vanilla soft sponge as a based and between. Plenty of mango and blueberries added to enrich the flavour. To have a slice of it really strike me as a true luxury. Rich, silkier and seductive flavour of sweet mango.

Avocado Mousse Jelly In Glass

A lovely & healthy dessert for kid

Sweet Passion
The avocado mousse jelly offered a creamy and smooth flavour, perfectly set overnight in the glass. Amazing tiny beautiful dessert to impressed your guests especially for kids.

Beetroot Melon Salad

A mint refreshing salad

Sweet Passion
This is a simple healthy mixture of beetroot and yellow watermelon salad going well with fresh lime juice as dressing. A very colourful & refreshing salad!