Monday, March 21, 2011

Almond Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Light almond & pumpkin dessert

Sweet Passion
This version of cheese cake is light, less sugar intake and without graham cracker crust. Main ingredients is honey pumpkin, almond flour, lime and just a small amount of cinnamon to give it a wonderful spice taste. Topped with light whipped cream and taste irresistible.

Chocolate Cornflake Rocher

Finger licking good

Sweet Passion
Once You Start You Can't Stop! Until you falling sick next day for being over eat! That's my friend statement:) Gorgeous delicious rocher!

Mini Fruit Filo Basket

Crispy mini juicy basket

Sweet Passion
This beautiful dessert is so easy and fast to make for guests at party and the best of it it's look so colourful! Pre-baked the filo crust and fill with the fruit you love and topping with some passion fruit juice. Fruity and yummy!

Japanese Kidney Bean Jelly

Yellow mini kidney beans dessert

Sweet Passion
I personally love Japanese jelly desserts because they’re so refreshing and tasty. This recipe come with kidney beans have a unique taste of dense bean like melted in your mouth, you just want to pop them into your mouth all the time :)