Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pinky Dragon Tiramisu

Lovely pink dragonmisu

Sweet Passion
Why Dragonmisu? Always think pink dragon fruit is a marvelous ingredient simply because the colour is so rich and it's my favourite fruit. Red dragon fruit, red wine and Kahlua are the basic ingredients of this gorgeous and colourful tiramisu. It's a little heaven for this pinky misu and so yummy delicious.

Grape Meringue Mass

Light & easy meringue mass

Sweet Passion
This recipe inspired by the Eton Mess (strawberry, meringue and cream dessert traditionally English). Making Grape Mess meringue is very simple and fun to do! It's great for nervous meringue makers – because the meringues are broken up, it simply doesn't matter if they weep, crack or collapse. Nicely chilled before serve.

Cantaloupe White Chocolate Cheese Cake

A delightful fragrant & smell

Sweet Passion
Always wanted to try cantaloupe cheese cake with additional ingredient of white chocolate. This cheese cake taste rather light and full of cantaloupe fresh nature fragrant smell flavor. A delightful cake and amazingly delicious. I love this melon recipe.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Almond Butter Cookies

Tasty & crispy cookies

Sweet Passion
Lovely fragrance of butter + almonds ,very tasty and crispy dunking cookies. Get the right french butter and better quality of almond meal. Tastes so fragrance and soft crunchy. Remember to store freshly baked cookies inside airtight container tin and can last for a week. Yummy!

Asparagus Pamelo Salad

Mouth watering salad

Sweet Passion
This a sweet and gorgeous pamelo salad. I choose Ipoh's juicy pameloes, asparaguses and blueberries as the main ingredients. Topped with sweet maple syrup and grapefruit juice. Very easy to make, refreshing and satisfying to served at hot weather.