Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mini Zoo

Marzipan animals

Sweet Passion
Marzipan, trying on the animal figuring. Love the colour coordination and the end result so interesting and adorable:)

Chocolate Jewel Box

Sweet sugarcraft

Sweet Passion
Trying some chinese ink painting matter on the sugar art. Worked well and amazing combination with marzipan flower too:)

Mini Red Dragon Muffin

Pink for good health

Sweet Passion
This delicious mini-muffin worked perfectly with my favourite red dragon fruit. Absolutely healthy and colorful and yet it's so simple and easy to make.

Tropically Jelly

Refreshing dessert

Sweet Passion
Can't resist the colorful jelly. 3 layers of different colors (pineapple, kiwi and  orange) with some cut strawberries and edible flowers for decoration. A perfect beautiful dessert for kids!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jackfruit Cheese Cake

Amazing jackfruit dessert

Sweet Passion
This version of cheese cake is light but super strong in flavor and lovely for jackfruit lover!  I am using the jackfruit sponge as cake base crust. Main ingredients are fresh jackfruit juice, cut pieces of jackfruit and just a small amount of maple syrup to give it a wonderful sweet taste. Topped with jackfruit light whipped cream flavor and taste irresistible. I will say this is an unforgettable "Jackfruit"cheese cake from heaven.

Pomegranate Salad

Red ruby fresh salad

Sweet Passion
Pomegranate in season now:) This giant big fruit is from Israel. So rich in color and sweet beautiful flavor. Making the spinach salad so colorful and refreshing. I prefer it with light dressing of virgin olive oil & balsamic vinegar in fruit flavor salad.