Friday, August 27, 2010

Chocolate Rum Tiramisu

Chocolate Espressomisu

Sweet Passion
This is really a powerful Tiramisu! So rich and extremely nice flavour of rum espresso but not over power with alcohol component. Delicious but caffeine kick is strong!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Watermelon Sesame Salad

A mouthwatering salad 

Sweet Passion
A refreshing melon sesame salad with sesame dressing. Topped with cheese, mint leaves, watermelon and strawberries to give it a totally refreshing and very minty flavour. Simplicity is delicious!

Nutty Greentea Financier

Very nutty & buttery caramelised green tea Friand

Sweet Passion
These adorable baked Financiers are soft and springy with a slightly domed top and a lovely golden brown crust. Take a bite and you can taste the moist subtle flavor of butter, greentea, pistachio and almonds. Lovely for the afternoon tea.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Greenteamisu in glass

Sweet Passion

This was mouth-watering green tea tiramisuClassic Italian dessert made with ladyfingers, mascarpone cheese and good quality green tea powder from Japan. Definitely for greentea lovers. Sweet and bitter all the way:)

Fruit Tart

A truly tutti-fruity tart

Sweet Passion
This fruit tart is so colorful, fruity and healthy. I used the custard cream to replaced with unhealthy whipped cream for the filling. So tutti-fruity and tutti-yummy!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Passion Fruit Jelly

Bavarian sour fruit jelly

Sweet Passion
Very refreshing taste of Passion fruit bavarian in a glass topped with passion fruit pulp and raspberry. A centerpiece heaven for sour dessert lover ideally for high tea party.

Diamond Sable

French cookies originated from Normandie

Sweet Passion
Sable is a classic French sandy cookies originated in Normandie. This recipe is very crumbly texture and soft, I added little vanilla + a lot of coarse vanilla sugar make it a pure delight. My family member love this.

Olive Foccasia

A wonderful bread that full of herbs and flavour!

Sweet Passion
This traditional Italian bread is not only easy to make but can be enjoyed on its own, hot out of the oven, or covered with fresh tomatoes. Don't forget the olive oil, rosemary leaves, herbs and olive.

Bavarian Mango Cake

This creamy indulgence will definitely make you guilty but its totally worth it!

Sweet Passion
This Bavarian mango cream cake full of whipped cream cheese, fresh mango & strawberries as the main ingredients. The layers of sponge in between are vanilla flavour and covered with fresh cut mango. It's taste refreshing and creamy. Personally i love this to be sour, lemon and mango are highly recommended! 

Baked Alaska

Blow torch the liquor ice cream 

Sweet Passion
If you are looking for ice cream! A truly unique treat to fix for dinner dessert, try this Baked Alaska. Get your hot liquor and blow torch really!

Caramel Corn Flake Macarons

Everything so beautiful & caramel

Sweet Passion
A beautiful creation of macarons topped with cornflakes and filled with Italian caramel cream. A yummy combination!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Mini Apple Crumble Pies

Crumble pies for party

Sweet Passion
A fragrant cooked apples piled into a pie crust. It' s sprinkled with cinnamon & sugar and then with a sweet crumbly topping. A good idea to serve at tea party.

Italian Amaretti Macaron

An Italian Amaretti Macaron

Sweet Passion
This traditional Italian cookies recipe crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft inside and drizzling with icing sugar, a totally different experience compared with normal macaron.

A Cranberries Strawberries Cheesecake

Lovely shape of the cheese cake

Sweet Passion
A beautiful reward for this lovely shape cheesecake. Taste very berries cheese and drizzle sour berries mixture over the top. A lovely & perfect combination.

Coffee Soufflé

Soufflé for coffee lover

Sweet Passion
This Coffee Soufflé more toward the light and milky version. My all times flavour especially those freshly baked and serve warm. Ideally to do it at home to impress your guests after dinner:)

Grand Smith Green Apple Flan

Irresistible Apple Flan

Sweet Passion
Having fun making this irresistible apple flan. Love to do the cutting of the fruit and arrangement. The end result is amazing and gorgeous.

Singapore Laksa

A very local version of spicy Laska

Sweet Passion
This is my first attempt to cook Singapore Laksa. Personally Laksa is not my favourites partly it's because usage of coconut milk in the ingredient is a must in order to bring up the rich fragrant and creamy taste. I used carnation milk to replaced the santan milk. Taste not as rich and creamy as original. It's light and lemak enough for a bowl of laksa.

Poached Egg-plant Salad

A delicious poached egg salad

Sweet Passion
A very simple healthy salad with baked eggplant and a perfect poached egg. Go well with italian unique garlic balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. Incredibly beautiful dish.

Chocolate Liqueur Light Cheese

A very light chocolate liqueur cheese cake

Sweet Passion 
Unique chocolate cheese recipe made of low-fat cream cheese, milk chocolate, coffee liqueur and almond flake recipe. Perfectly for me who prefer light milk chocolate cheese combined with coffee liqueur flavour. Delicious and yummy less sweet chocolate liqueur cheese cake!

Fragrant Chempedak Roulade

A lovely fragrant Cempedak roulade 

Sweet Passion
My friend suggested I should do something with chem-pe-dak. Chempedak is a sweeter and creamier sister to jackfruit. Smaller in size but super strong in smell than jackfruit. This recipe i using fresh chempedak fruit for the sponge and cream as well as jackfruit for the filling. The finished products are amazingly fragrant delicious and has such a lovely soft texture. My friends love 'em! Lovely and two thumbs up!