Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red Baileys Cherries Cheese

Beautiful dessert in glass

Sweet Passion
This sophisticated chill cheesecake served in a glass. Quick and easy method with lady fingers, Baileys, cheese topped with strawberries, cherries and wax berries syrup. Craving for cheesecakes? Try this simply delicious and charming dessert.

Cranberries Cassava Pear

Lovely pear

Sweet Passion
It looks like a slice of pear but doesn't taste like one! This is actually a cassava cake originally from my mom old genuine secret recipe(too many steps)! Given a new life to it and break away from traditional with added some ingredients to enhance the taste. This dessert bring back sweet old memories and I love it.

Sesame Bagels

Love the sesame seeds

Sweet Passion
This sesame seeds does make the bagels looks beautiful & yummy. This bagels are super soft version! Steam boiled the dough before bake does make a lot of differential. Love to eat this with cheese, butter and cream for breakfast.

贵花 Poached Figs

Lovely fig & sweet mango dessert

Sweet Passion
I am deeply in love with fresh figs but unfortunately fresh figs hard to come by especially for us in warm climate. I choose to use dries figs and poached with red wine and GuiHua贵花. Serve with mango and it's taste so refreshing with flowers fragrance and blends so beautifully.