Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brownie Love Eggshell

Brownie & Eggshell

Sweet Passion
What came first: the brownies or the egg? This question really has a simple answer! This fantastic looking brownies very interesting and outrageously tasty. It's super rich and luscious brownies made from the best quality dark chocolate, sea salt and french butter. Uniquely Extremely delicious!

Lovely Pineapple Jam

Refreshing Chunky Pineapple Jam

Sweet Passion
This refreshing chunky pineapple jam is deliciously different and it's like sunshine in a jar. The jam is flavored with cinnamon and I like the jam to have a hint of sourness in it. Simply caramelized the pineapple, lemon juice and sugar with apple fruit pectin until thick. Let it cool and store it in a sterilized bottle in the fridge. This pineapple jam looks divine and delicious!

Lemon Apple Jam

Sour Lemon Apple Jam

Sweet Passion
Apple jam is heavenly and easy to make! Make your very own apple jam from unsweetened, juicy & fresh green apple from the local supermarket. Cut to cubes & cook with Lemon juice, cinnamon stick and sugar until wonderful caramel taste. Let it cool and refrigerated in an air-tight sterilized container. Awesome recipe!