Monday, July 25, 2011

Chocolate Banana Walnut

Ultra-rich chocolate walnut banana

Sweet Passion
This super rich & moist nutrition chocolate banana cake become a heaven for  many banana and chocolate lovers among my friends. So crazy dense and almost melted in the mouth with extra strong of banana flavor. Many of my friends keep asking me to bake more simply they are so crazy about this gorgeous dense cake. It's truly a wonderful taste with powerful flavor of banana in this ultra-rich chocolate creation. Yum yum..

Cherry Chocolate Banana

Black and white banana cake

Sweet Passion
This super moist and beautiful combination banana cake are my latest creation based on the original banana chocolate recipe. I did lot of changes to the recipe and picked up the best ingredients for this wonderful delicious cake. Beside the good quality chocolate, I did pick the right type of banana and great moist cherries from Turkey Spice Bazaar to make this tasty cake. Very impressed with the result. All my family members & friends love it.