Sunday, October 2, 2011

Taro Yam Cake / OrhNee 芋泥

Super light & creamier taro

Sweet Passion
This super light & delicious taro cake become so popular among of my friends. After mastered the creamier and richer taro Orh Nee texture. I love to try the Orh Nee cake for the first time. Soft texture sponge cake made of Japanese flour, together with the taro paste, cream, pumpkin and ginko nuts. Making this taro cake so moist and melt-in-mouth delicious. Everyone are asking for more. What a delicious pleasing dessert !

Taro Yam / OrhNee 芋泥

Sweet silky creamier taro

Sweet Passion
My first time trying the lovely Orh Nee (芋泥) Teochew style dessert. Basically the original OrhNee/芋泥 recipes are made of taro, pork lard, fried shallots, ginko nuts and coconut milk. I revamped the recipe from original version to modern, instead of pork lard I use olive oil and cutting down the coconut milk and replaced it with whipping cream. Tastes sweet, creamier, silky smooth melt in mouth texture and richer. Garnish the OrhNee with fresh sweet pumpkin paste and flower. DELICIOUS!