Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Black black Charcoal Cheese

Are you afraid of black

Sweet Passion
This spectacular, sweet and delicious black cheese cake become a highlight of my cake menu. All my neighbours love it. It's look very heavy on appearance due to it colour but taste extremely light and delicious. Marvelous cheese cake.

Mini Green Rocket Pizz

Mini pizza

Sweet Passion
Creating a mini pizza just nice for myself. For the veggies lover this delicious pizza includes mozzarella cheese, green rocket, tomatoes, bell peppers, fresh mushroom, onions, olive and parmesan cheese. Yummyliciuos!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Maple Syrup Cheesecake

Wholesome nutty-fruity cheese cake

Sweet Passion
A cheesecake with maple syrup, and pecan nuts  and fresh sweet blueberries. So nutty, fruity yet so rich in flavour. All my family members love it and had second servings too:) It's a good and rich recipe for cheese cake.

Marzipan Fruit Platter

Marzipan fruit candy

Sweet Passion
Edible fruit candy, real and interesting. Get the ideas from some old bakery shops when I was in Milan and Venice. They still produce and sell it like hot cake:)

Roses Sugar Chocolate Box

Edible sugar box

Sweet Passion
Tiny sugar art box to house all the truffle chocolate. Ideal for gift item! 
First timer to use the icing sugar dough to create beautiful art piece:)

Bruschetta-Ciabatta Cherry Tomatoes

Yummy bruschetta

Sweet Passion
The crunchy bases of these Italian favourites best go with the cherry tomatoes, fresh basil sauce and mozzarella. Nutrition facts and healthy alternatives!

Maple Baked Grapefruit

Simple baked grapefruit

Sweet Passion
I was looking for something to do with grapefruit – baked grapefruit. It's a simple method: cut the grapefruit in half, a sprinkle of brown sugar, cinnamon or maple syrup, then bake until the sugar caramelizes. The simplicity astounded me and the taste was incredible. Baking the grapefruit helps minimize the bitterness and bringing up the sweet and fruity fragrance. I can’t see a reason to eat a raw grapefruit anymore.