Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jackfruit Gâteau

Uniquely fragrant jackfruit

Sweet Passion
If you are a jackfruit lover. This will be a lovely and unique cake. Jackfruit is a tropical fruit well-loved for its fragrant and beautiful colour yellow flesh especial in South East Asia. I am proud to say this recipe is almost original and very tasty. Just a simple yet delicious ingredients use here. Will definitely make for my friends again soon:) tummy!

Asparagus Scallop with Red Wine Sauce

Simple asparagus delight

Sweet Passion
This asparagus scallop recipe is a simple and elegant dish. It's only has few ingredients:- Hokkaido scallops, mini asparagus and tofu as a base, pan stir-fry all ingredients until golden brown. I choose to go with thick red wine, sea salt, vinegar and butter for topping sauce. Simple and wonderful for light lunch.

Black Charcoal Sandwich

Extremely black marvelous beauty

Sweet Passion
 This spectacular black bamboo charcoal bread is very nice and interesting for sandwich. It's looks like your regular dinner bread loaf, except of course they're all black! I prepared it for lunch with ham, fried egg and cheese for a change! It's very soft, delicious and beautiful.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Caramel Peace & Pear

Something sweet caramel and juicy

Sweet Passion
I like to prepare caramelized peaches and pears for dessert. It's easy and quick as a simple sweet dessert after main course. With a little butter, raw sugar, maple syrup and cinnamon power. It's excellent to serve over pancakes or even ice cream. Yummy!

Ingredients: 4 persons
3 Red Bartlett pears
3 Peaches
A handful of blueberries

Dries & spice ingredients: 
1 tsp of cinnamon powder or 1 stick of cinnamon
50 g French butter
50 g Raw brown sugar
50 ml Maple syrup
5 g Sea salt 

Method for cooking:
1) Sauteing the cut fruit pieces(cut side down) with butter, cinnamon powder and sea salt on sauce pan over relatively high heat until light brown.
2 Sprinkle raw sugar on top and continue cooking until the sugar almost caramel stage.
3) Use a spoon drizzle the maple syrup glaze on top and bring to bake for 5 mins with temperature 180C/350F.
4) Done and cool down. Serve with fresh blueberries on top or ice cream.

Easy / moderate / Difficult
Time: 5 minutes preparation / 12 minutes cooking