Monday, November 5, 2012

Baked Alaska

Dessert On Fire

Sweet Passion
A Baked Alaska is a delicious alternative to store bought ice cream cakes. Layer a brick of ice cream with pound cake and meringue and bake it in the oven or set it on fire with brandy. It is so fabulous and exciting to see a magical meringue moulded like an igloo to keep the ice cream inside frozen. I am using the rum & raisin ice cream as the main ingredient and wrapped with orange sponge and meringue. If you are looking for a truly unique treat to fix for dessert tonight, try this Baked Alaska recipe and all will love it!

Fig Chocolate Cheesecake

Unsweetened Chocolate Fig Cheesecake

Sweet Passion
I just love figs! I can’t say it enough! Figs are known to have anti-diabetic properties and it contains a lot of calcium, potassium, fiber, and anti-oxidants. This dessert is so delicious and based on New York cheesecake recipe. Brazil nuts & dried fig together with graham crackers chocolate crust for the sandy base of the cheesecake. The main attraction layer is unsweetened premium & sinfully dark chocolate filling texture in between. The top layer will be New York cream cheese mixture. I'm sure you can imagine a nice honey fig cheesecake topped with freshly cut figs and together with unsweetened dark chocolate as base. The ultimate dessert for a fig lover.

Yellow Plum Jam

Yellow Plum Fruit Jam

Sweet Passion
This yellow plum fruit jam is extremely beautiful & delicious. It's like Confiture de Mirabelle (Mirabelle Jam) simply halve and stone the plum then place in a bowl and pour the sugar over the top. Turn the fruit with a spoon to coat in the sugar then cover the bowl and set aside to marinate over night. The following morning, scrape the fruit and sugar (along with any juices released) into large saucepan. Bring the mixture to a boil and cook, stirring constantly, until the mixture reaches 105°C. Let it cool and store it in a sterilized bottle in the fridge. This plum fruit jam looks divine and delicious!