Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Loquat Sweet Sour Strudel

Slightly Sweet & Sour Loquat Strudel

Sweet Passion
This modern strudel pastry is made of sweet puff-pastry dough with amazing beautiful low fat vanilla bean custard cream and sweet sour loquat fruit (this fruit is blessed with so many nutritious and healthful benefits, makes it a good choices to use in pastries) go well with vanilla custard cream. It is baked in an oven until golden brown, crispy & flaky. Cool it down and piped the vanilla custard cream on the baked puff-pastry, topped with cut loquat and another layer of vanilla cream. Finally topped with another baked puff-pastry on top and dusted with vanilla icing sugar. Served fresh from oven while it's still crispy and flaky. Lovely sweet & sour strudel.

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