Monday, January 24, 2011

Caramel Peace & Pear

Something sweet caramel and juicy

Sweet Passion
I like to prepare caramelized peaches and pears for dessert. It's easy and quick as a simple sweet dessert after main course. With a little butter, raw sugar, maple syrup and cinnamon power. It's excellent to serve over pancakes or even ice cream. Yummy!

Ingredients: 4 persons
3 Red Bartlett pears
3 Peaches
A handful of blueberries

Dries & spice ingredients: 
1 tsp of cinnamon powder or 1 stick of cinnamon
50 g French butter
50 g Raw brown sugar
50 ml Maple syrup
5 g Sea salt 

Method for cooking:
1) Sauteing the cut fruit pieces(cut side down) with butter, cinnamon powder and sea salt on sauce pan over relatively high heat until light brown.
2 Sprinkle raw sugar on top and continue cooking until the sugar almost caramel stage.
3) Use a spoon drizzle the maple syrup glaze on top and bring to bake for 5 mins with temperature 180C/350F.
4) Done and cool down. Serve with fresh blueberries on top or ice cream.

Easy / moderate / Difficult
Time: 5 minutes preparation / 12 minutes cooking

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